Our Vision

We care about people and believe that impacting people where they are is what we are called to do. We don't pretend to be perfect, and we don't pretend that our church is perfect. Instead, we realize that we are all working on the journey called life and that we all need Jesus to walk it with us.

Columbus Christian Center is passionate for what God is passionate about. We are a church that truly reaches the lost, broken, and hurting no matter what the cost. We strive to help people discover their God-given purpose in life. 


We won't be a church that seeks out perfect people but instead finds people where they are and leads them to the perfect God that we all need. Here at CCC we worship passionately not just with songs and music but with our hearts on a daily basis. 

We are a church that isn't just defined by a building but we are known by the love that we pour into our community. We don't get caught up in the little things but we get caught up in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ here on Earth. 


At Columbus Christian Center we don't see people’s potential by what the world sees but instead we look at the heart and the identity Jesus has purposed for them. We have a heartbeat for young people and go to where they are in both identity and location. 


We are a church that is committed to the expansion of the Gospel. Here at CCC we believe in joining together with other houses of worship. We also desire to have a global footprint through partnering with missionaries working all around the world. 


We are a church that rises up and takes hold of whatever, however, and with whomever God deems necessary to make Himself known in our church, community, and beyond. 


Columbus Christian Center connects, grows, and goes into all the world.